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Welcome to our Free USA Chat Rooms! Chatterbox UK is an established online Social community who have provided Chat Rooms for England and Wales for a long time. We are highly regarded by our members as being the best online chat site in 2019. Because of our success in providing UK Chat Rooms, we thought we would expand our network, and reach out to those in America. We therefore bring you "USA Chatterbox" - a section of our website entirely geared at America. You can join our Free USA Chat Rooms by simply clicking on the form below, or you can browse the list of Americal Chatrooms from the menu above. A warm welcome to you all from across the pond!

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USA Chat Rooms Latest News
  • 30.09.2019 USA Chat Rooms has Launched!

    USA Chat Rooms is a modern Social Community, here to serve the 52 States of the USA by providing the friendliest, best, and safest free chat rooms for America, Canada and beyond! Bringing you the security and safety of an IRC Chat Server, but with a state of the art chat front-end, coupled with our responsible, mobile friendly website, USA Chat Rooms is THE place to be! 

  • Modern Website
    Here at USA Chat Rooms we have expanded our network to bring you this online chat community, where you can enter our Chat Rooms, Forums and Social Features anywhere in the USA using any device, be that a tablet, phone, laptop or PC. Our customised chat room platform works on Windows, iOS and Android devices. It's totally FREE and no registration is needed.

  • Photo sharing in the chatrooms
    As part of our fresh launch into the American Chat Rooms market, our members now have photo sharing in the chat rooms, allowing you to share photos in real time!

Packed with Features
  • Social Stream

    USA Chat Rooms has a thriving Social Media Community where our users can post status updates, pictures & videos. Just like other, mainstream Social Media websites, users can like, react, and comment on the posts and photos.

  • Your Favourite Chat Rooms
    USA Chat Rooms provides you with all of the State Chatrooms that you could possibly need. No matter where in the USA you are, including Alabama, Connecticut, California or Nebraska, from New York to Chicago, there will be a local chat room for everyone, where you can pass the time and get to know people near you! We cater for everyone, and are proud to call ourselves an inclusive community where anyone, of any race, gender, background or orientation is made very welcome.

  • USA Chat Rooms Forums
    Visit our forum where you can discuss a range of topics with other users. It doesn't have to be about USA Chat Rooms - you can discuss politics, sports, current affairs, or any subject you like!

Best Free USA Chat Rooms

USA and UK's #1 Chat Rooms by Chatterbox USA and UK. Our UK and USA Chat Rooms are the busiest and best chatrooms out there.
It's very easy to find some new friends, or meet people with similar interests to you, in our online-chat. You can talk about whatever subjects you like, create new friends, or even find a partner online. Loads of chatters from literally all over the world all use Chatterbox USA and UK to talk to old friends and with people they've never spoken to before.

To make things easier for you, there is no registration required to use our services Our USA Chat rooms are popular, making them a great destination to meet people who are like minded while in our online chat.

You will soon become part of the furniture in our bustling and friendly Chat Rooms, where you can talk about whatever interests you, meet women and men who are like minded, and make some new buddies. You'll never be bored, and you'll never feel alone in our rooms, because there will always be an amazing chat partner to while away the time with. All you have to do is click on the link to start chatting, and off you go!