Newcomers Bible to UK Chat Rooms

Newcomers Bible to UK Chat Rooms



Meeting new people and forming relationships in person is no mean feat on it's own, and the addition of the internet has added another twist to finding your perfect online chat partner. If you have frequented the social networking scene for some time, you will have discovered that chat rooms have existed for much longer than most people think, but, not many people have actually ventured inside one to see what goes on. It's far more common than most people realise and you don't have to be a chat room expert to start making new friends or maybe even meet your perfect partner here when mixing with our abundance of UK Chatters!

What are UK Chat Rooms?



In summary, a UK chat room is an electronic place to meet, where users can take part in various chat with friends and strangers. Think of it like going out to the pub, but without hitting your wallet. Additionally, you don't risk making a tit of yourself if you fall over dancing, and don't risk being the one to get tucked up with an expensive bill. You'll get the most out of our UK Chat Rooms if you get involved and make conversation. It's not uncommon for people to "lurk", it doesn't make much sense, because the whole idea is that people are here chatting via electronic messages.


First Impressions Count the most!



Just like when you meet that pretty girl at the bar, and want to leave a positive lasting memory, exactly the same can be said for UK Chat Rooms. First and foremost, the username, or nick name you choose, has a big part to play. This is the name used to identify you in the chat rooms, and what everyone will see. The best bet is to choose a catchy name and maybe a bit funny, but don't use anything dirty or seedy. Avoid sex themed nick names, such as "bigcock69" because most people will just think you're trying to pass yourself off as someone who you actually are not, and you will cause people inside the chat rooms to avoid you.

Keep things to the point - Less is more!



Speaking in chat rooms is different to speaking to someone in person. Unlike in pubs and clubs, there is no overpowering music preventing you from hearing things or misinterpreting the way something is said. The ad-hoc chat in our rooms comprises of all sorts, ranging from pleasantaries, talking about politics or films and music. The best thing to do, is get your message out to the chat rooms without waffling on too much. Also try and avoid simple one word responses, as they make you look dis-interested in being in our UK Chat Rooms.

Keep some cards close to your chest



When you meet someone in person, how much information about you, do you pass on? We guess a bit, but you're probably not telling them everything about yourself. There are likely to be some things about you as a person, or in your past, that you'll want to keep more secret, and not want to share with users of the UK Chat rooms. Remember that, once you have said something, it can't then be unsaid, and, unlike when things are said in person, everything you say in a chatroom is recorded electronically and logged, so there is an audit trail of what has been said. If you manage to strike the right balance, you will find the results very interesting.

Don't be a creep



Chatterbox UK allows you to "follow" or "request friends" as part of our social experience. This is fine, and what it's there for, but we recommend you don't go over the top, like adding loads of friends before you've spoken to them before. This can cause a bit of a barrier in the chat rooms between you and other users, and can ultimately make one appear a little desperate or pathetic. We would also suggest that when it comes to private messages, even if you're here to date or hookup, that you don't send out multiple PMs to chat room users. This can be seen as spamming or flooding and put people off. It's better just to stick with one conversation and see how that pans out, and if it doesn't work, move along swiftly to the next!

The golden rule - have fun!



If there had to be a number one rule, then that is to have fun. Remember, you're just here for random chat, and the vast majority of other people in our chat rooms will be here for exactly the same reason as you. Put your feet up, and get chatting! The chances are you will find people in a similar setting to you, looking for friends, fun, or love. Internet chat rooms are an awesome place because they allow us to do this, from the comfort of our own homes! Irrespective of your interests, there will be something on Chatterbox UK for everyone. Why are you delaying? There are people who want to chat with you as we speak!