Our chat room platform is based on a heavily customised version of Kiwi IRC. The team at Kiwi have been outstanding - which is why they are the top of the thank-you list. KiwiIRC have gone above and beyond in providing free support and advice to integrate the chat software into Chatterbox UK. This includes writing and customising various modules to allow people to log into the chat rooms using their website credentials, and scripts to bring back the gender based nickname colours you all know and love. On behalf of Chatterbox UK - a big thank you, Kiwi, we are really grateful.


Foundation for Sites by ZURB
Foundation for sites by ZURB is a free CSS package provided free of charge under the MIT Open Source Licence. Although it's not used exclusively on the site, the ZURB CSS input has been pivotal in delivering the sleek new design of the site, such as the much tidier room list. It has also had a big part to play in making it a lot more mobile and tablet friendly. Cheers, Zurb!