Social Media, Forums, and UK Chat Rooms Community Standards

Code of conduct:

We are a friendly and welcoming website who aim to be inclusive of people from all walks of life and promote friendly UK chat rooms.

We ask that all users respect the diversity of other chatters heritage and/or lifestyle. 

While we fully respect every person’s right to an opinion on all topics we ask that opinions given are not derogatory or insulting in context.

Offensive comments about another person’s heritage, lifestyle, sexual orientation, medical condition, or mental health will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the site in extreme cases.
Dislike of or prejudice against people of homosexual orientation, again while everyone is entitled to their opinion we expect our users to respect other chatters life choices and keep derogatory comments to themselves. Making abusive/offensive comments about another person’s sexual orientation or lifestyle choice will not be allowed anywhere on this site, including, but not limited to, the social media feeds, uk chat rooms, and discussion forums.

Racism is not acceptable anywhere on this site, derogatory and/or abusive comments about another chatters heritage may result in removal from the site. 
Comments pertaining to another chatters race, heritage, mix of races which can be deemed as offensive will not be accepted.

Religious discrimination: 
Chatterbox UK welcomes people from all religions and expects all chatters to respect other chatters religious beliefs. Healthy debate is welcomed, however abusive or discriminatory comments may result in removal from the site.

Abuse/ Harassment/Discrimination: 
Abusing, insulting or harassing another chatter is not allowed, we accept that banter between online friends happens and will take context into consideration, however abusive language, swearing and/or insults directly aimed at another user are not acceptable.

Chatterbox UK staff will not become involved with disputes between UK chatters, save for assisting in diffusing a situation. Where there are multiple people from multiple backgrounds disputes may occur and the first port of call in this instance would be to use the block function provided, however should a dispute become inflamed or cause disruption within one of our rooms a staff member may take action to draw it to a close.

Drug talk:

While it is ok for our UKChatters to talk about drugs and their effects within a conversation in any 18+ room, any discussion around the distribution of illegal substances are not allowed.

Anyone caught attempting to distribute illegal substances within the site will have their account immediately suspended and a full report may be made to law enforcement.

Disruption and flooding:
Flooding of repeated lines of text for the purposes of disruption will not be allowed.
Disruptive behaviour in that a chatter’s conduct causes distress or extreme irritation to other users will result in staff stepping in, and may in extreme cases lead to a ban.

Banned words: 
Both the C word and the N word (we all know what they are) are banned site wide.

Online safety: 
We at Chatterbox UK recommend that for chatters own safety you do not share your personal contact information with another user, while we cannot prevent anyone doing so we strongly advise against it. Anyone sharing contact information outside of this website does so at their own personal risk and Chatterbox UK holds no responsibility for the sharing of this information.

The sharing of pictures of a personal nature in private messages is also strongly advised against but again chatters do so at their own risk. Anyone sharing pictures of a personal nature does so at their own risk. Chatterbox UK holds no responsibility for images shared in this manner.

Sharing of images: 
We love to see your pictures on the Stream and enjoy seeing what everyone is up to, however we do have a policy against sharing pictures of an explicit nature. Nudity and graphic content are not allowed on Stream or the UK Chatrooms. 

The same applies to profile pictures and pictures within your personal albums. Nudity, graphic and explicit content are not welcome here. 
Anyone sharing pictures of any nature inclusive of personal and/or explicit images within the private messaging setting does so at their own risk. Chatterbox UK Accepts no responsibility for images shared in this manner.

We do not allow spamming of other websites of the same nature as ours, however if you do wish to share a website on Stream for another purpose please seek admin approval before doing so.  We do not allow links on the website that directly affect another user e.g. photoshopped pictures, links to websites containing abusive or derogatory content.

Grooming/Sexual harassment:
Any chatter found to be behaving in a manner that can be deemed as either grooming behaviour or sexually harassing another member will be removed from the website and in extreme cases may be reported to their local law enforcement.

Fake accounts/Misrepresentation:
While we fully support everyone’s right to anonymity and respect that in today’s society gender fluidity is very much a fact of life, we do however retain the right to remove anyone deemed to be misrepresenting themselves for sinister purposes such as grooming or obtaining information by deceptive means.

Underage chatters: 
This site does not accept chatters below the age of 18 years. Anyone caught lying about their age will be removed from the site. 

Should any chatter happen upon another user who is not the age they say they are on their profile as pertains to underage chatters should immediately report this to a member of staff. This is to protect vulnerable young people who may have lied about their age to gain access to the website as well as protecting chatters who are of age from aspersions/accusations later on. 

Anyone caught in the act of continuing to communicate with an underage chatter in private and failing to report it to staff may be removed from the site. 
Anyone caught using sexually explicit language in the full knowledge that a chatter is underage will have their account suspended and a full report may be made to law enforcement.

Sharing another chatter’s personal details:
At no point under any circumstances should any member of this site share the personal details of another chatter. Doing so will result in instant removal from the site.

At no point should any chatter respond to requests for money and/or gifts from another chatter. 
Anyone making requests or running a scam operation within the website is subject to immediate removal and may be reported to law enforcement

Reporting another chatter:
Please use the report form on the website, all complaints are looked at by a member of the team and will be investigated.
Should you have a complaint about another chatter’s conduct in private messages then you should submit a report to admin. We cannot look in PMs any more, but your report can still help us identify a pattern of behaviour.

What you can expect from Chatterbox UK staff:

  • Staff at Chatterbox UK are carefully selected for their attitude and skills in problem solving.
  • Staff will be friendly to everyone on the site and are completely unbiased.
  • Staff will not troll or be offensive to a chatter at any time.
  • Staff will join in the chat in rooms and make newcomers and regulars alike feel welcome.
  • We will endeavour to make your chat experience as pleasant as possible while adhering to the rules as set out above.
  • Staff will not share personal information belonging to member of this website.
  • Staff will not answer questions about previous identities or when a chatter was last seen on the site. Chatters personal privacy is paramount.
  • Our goal is to protect chatters from online abuse, bullying, harassment and will deal with complaints as swiftly as possible.
  • Should you have an issue with a staff member you are free to submit a report and it will be investigated fully by admin and acted upon should it be deemed necessary.
  • Staff will not discuss warns, kicks or bans with the person they have actioned or other chatters, questions about bans should be directed to the website contact page.
  • Abuse of staff members will not be tolerated.

Whereupon a complaint is made to law enforcement, in relation, but not limited to, the above matters, Chatterbox UK are legally obliged to comply with information requests made by appropriate authorities. Data will be provided in accordance with the 2018 GDPR.