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Men who are into other men sexually or emotionally are very welcome to use our Free Gay Chat Rooms. You don't have to be gay to come in, of course, we use the term widely, and welcome anyone from the LGBTQi+ community. If you're looking for sex, or a fling, and want to be anonymous and discreet, we aren't here to judge you. We really hope that you'll enjoy this safe, friendly and inclusive LGBT chat environment. The Lobby is our busiest gay chat room and is the best place to go, regardless of whether you're one of our regular gay chatters, or if you're new to the site. You will find the majority of users in this gay chat room very friendly and welcoming, and you're sure to settle in very quickly. There's a gay vibe to this room, and it's a brilliant way to pass your time, irrespective of whether you're just looking to chat to other men, or maybe a way to unwind after a long day in the office. We look forward to welcoming you!
More than just Gay Chat Rooms
Everyone is welcome. Twinks, Bears, Jocks, Daddys, Tribes. Engage in online discussion about gay health, STDs, casual sex, kinks, fetishes. Connect and meet here today in the UK's leading Gay Chat Rooms.

Guest UK Chat Rooms

Reunite with Gay UK Chatters here!
Top Chatroom Tips

  • Be Cautious. Although we try our best to provide safe gay chat rooms, we can't guarantee people are who they claim to be.
  • Never meet anyone in person, after chatting to them online.
  • Never post any personal details such as numbers or email addresses.
  • If you like someone you're chatting to, search their profile and check out their photos!
  • If a chatter annoys you, don't argue back, just click their nickname, and choose "block".
  • Don't click on any suspicions links posted on the website, or chat rooms.
  • Never give anyone your password
  • If you're new, make an effort to talk in the rooms rather than sending private messages.
  • Don't give anyone else your password!

What will get you banned?

  • Racism, homophobia, any hate speech
  • Discussions around the supply of drugs or illegal subjects
  • Spamming links to competitor websites
  • If we suspect you are under the age of 18
  • Repeatedly ignoring requests not to use bad language
  • Flooding the chatrooms with mass amounts of text
  • Making unsolicited sexual requests to strangers.
And finally....
The golden rule: get involved! Our online gay community is friendly and welcoming, but the worst thing you can do if you're new, is sit in the rooms and wait for people to talk to you. When you come inside our busy and free gay chat rooms, get stuck in, make conversations! There will always be something to talk about, whatever the time of day or night. You're bound to meet people online from all walks of life. When it's really busy, you might feel a little overwhelmed at first, but stick with it - you'll soon become part of the UK Chatterbox furniture! If at any point you have any questions while in our free gay Chat rooms, please just speak to one of the moderators, who are usually around, or join the help channel.

Top Tip - to join other rooms, once you're in the chat, just click on the "rooms list" on the top left of the page.

Why no under 18s?

Chatterbox UK are dedicated to keeping the people who enjoy our service, as safe as we possibly can. We are particularly aware of the need to keep childen safe online. Unfortunately, through their nature, gay chat rooms can be used and taken advantage of by people who don't share our opinions on this subject. We want to make sure that predatory people do not enter our chat rooms, and we feel the best way to achieve that, is to make sure there are no minors in them at all.

Leading Gay Chat Rooms
Did you know that Chatterbox UK Gay Chat Rooms is the only Gay Chatroom site to run on Internet Relay Chat? This lets us bring you an endless list of Gay Chat Rooms, connecting gay men from all over England, Scotland and Wales, who're looking to meet and chat.
The Modern Gay Online Chat Room Experience
Unlike most chat rooms which in 2020 are outdated, we provide the most modern, friendly, easy to use Gay Chat Room experience. Connect with other gays, here today!

IRC Games
We run a dedicated games bot in our gay chat rooms, which will provide you with all of the classic Internet Relay Chat games, such as Hangman, Uno, Trivia, and a free, gay lottery.
Plethora of Gay Chat Rooms
UKCB are proud to bring you a collection of regional Gay Chat Rooms, covering the UK, including England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. We have rooms ranging from Plymouth to Edinburgh, and places in between. There will be a gay chatroom for everyone to enjoy. When you're in our gay chat rooms, you can kill time, and make friends with other people of a similar mindset.
Everyone is Welcome
Chatterbox UK pride ourselves on being a forward thinking, inclusive gay community. Although a gay chat site, we welcome any person, from any heritage, background, gender or orientation into our network of Free Gay UK Chatrooms. All you have to do is fill in the form above, and you'll connect straight to chat, and start making friends!
You can use any device!
Chatterbox UK recognise that this is 2020, not 1999, and therefore not everyone uses a desktop computer anymore. A lot of people connect to our Gay Chat Rooms on mobile phones, tablets, and similar. Because of this, we have made our website totally responsive, so it will automatically adapt and work with any size screen, on any device you have at your disposal to enter our UK Gay chat rooms!
More Features
Chatterbox UK is far more than just gay chat rooms. We have many other interactive features, such as member profiles, forums, blogs, pictures, galleries, events, groups, and much. It's also completely FREE!

Want your very own Gay Chat Rooms?
Chatterbox UK believe anyone should be able to embrace owning a gay chat room, but we know it's time consuming and can be quite technical. Because of this, you can register a FREE Gay Chat room, with Chatterbox UK which you run, control and administer. Talk to us to find out more!
We Eliminate Racism from Gay Chat Rooms
No racism is permitted anywhere in our site or in the gay chat rooms. No exceptions. Use of the website is a privilege not a right and can be removed without reason.
Use our Gay Chat Rooms without fear of homophobia!
We don't live in the dark ages anymore, and here at Chatterbox UK we welcome people from all sexual orientations. Discrimination is never tolerated.
No Gay Spam in our Chatrooms!
If, in the course of using our Gay Chat Rooms, you want to share some of your own links, that's absolutely fine, but you must not spam any offensive content anywhere on the site, you must also not spam links to other gay chat sites.

Flowing Gay Conversations
When you join our gay chatrooms, don't wait to be spoken to. Get involved in the conversations, put yourself out there, and make the first move. You'll make new friends online!
Block annoying gay chat room content
If another chatter annoys you, or is rude, it's best not to get into an argument. Just use our effective block feature, and you will no longer see anything that user writes, in the gay chat room or in private messages.
Chat in a private gay chatroom
All of our gay Chat Rooms have a private messaging function, but we ask you don't abuse this. Don't send unsolicited requests, sex requests, etc.
Gay Chatroom safety
Don't be persuaded to do anything on camera. People are not always who they say they are, and "sextortion" is on the rise. This is where people trick you into performing an intimate act on camera and then use it against you. Although it doesn't happen often in the gay chat scene, it's common in gay chatrooms for people to pretend to be hard up / in poverty, form a friendship with you and ask to "borrow" money.
Over 18 Adult Gay Chat Rooms
We only allow adults over the age of 18 to enter the gay chat rooms. If you think someone is younger than this, please report it to us, so we can take action. and keep everyone safe.