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With the novel Coronavirus situation disrupting life as we know it, there's no better way to socialise in 2020 than using our Free UK Chat Rooms.

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Everyone is very welcome inside our Wales Chat Rooms, covering Cardiff, Swansea and Newport in the south, to Anglesea up in the North!

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Chatterbox UK proudly provides world class chatrooms across Scotland, from Glasgow to Inverness, Shetlands and Highlands. Come and say hi!

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The original UKChatters has now gone. Many have tried to copy it, but only Chatterbox UK are able to reunite you with your long lost chat room friends!

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Chatterbox UK is a free UK chat site, with moderated chatrooms, live webcams, photo sharing, discussion forums (message boards), picture profiles and private messaging.

All Chatterbox UK chat room users are encouraged to read our chat safety guidelines and familiarise themselves with the brief list of rules before entering our UK chatrooms.

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Our free chat rooms cover all regions of the UK and beyond, and include England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. None of them require any registration to join and take part, but you can reserve your nickname without cost if you wish.

Here at Chatterbox UK, you can access a range of regional, safe and fun chat rooms from the click of your mouse. Our Modern Chat Room software allows our chatters to chat online in the best chatrooms which still exist in 2020, using any device. Our intuative website is compatible with all mobile browsers.

ChatterboxUK take a completely different approach from most popular chat sites. We are often asked, "Are there any good chat rooms anymore"? And, the answer is, that despite the introduction of so many new types of Social Media, we offer the best chat rooms which are still appealing and popular today

As part of our ethical approach and commitment to the online safety of everyone, ChatterboxUK have written a series of articles on how to protect yourself and stay safe online. Despite our outstanding success rate for internet security, It would be naieve and improper of us to suggest that it could never happen. We have therefore taken a proactive approach, and hope to empower you to make the best choices for yourself, when using our service.

Welcome to everyone joining us from UKChat, MSN, AOL, Lycos, Yahoo and UKChatters chat rooms.

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