Report Abuse

Chatterbox UK staff don't get involved in minor chat room disputes, and we usually encourage users to sort things out themselves, or use the block feature. If the abuse is very severe though, especially racism, homophobia etc, we will take action. Report Abuse 

Help, I'm banned?

We hate banning UK Chatters from our chat rooms, and when we do it's usually for good reason. Usually bans are short, and you should just sit it out. For openness, all of our ban appeals are posted on, and replied to via the Ban Appeals section on our Forum 

Change my Username?

We allow all registered users to change their nicknames whenever they like (within reason). If you want to change your nickname, just catch a host in the room, on most occasions, we should be able to do it for you on a "while you wait" basis and it takes about 5 minutes. 

What are the Rules?

We don't have many! Swearing in conversation is allowed, but abuse towards others is not. If you just be yourself, respect other users in the chatrooms and have run, you're unlikely to fall foul. We do however ask all users to follow the Chatterbox UK Community Standards

What devices do we support?

Our site is fully mobile friendly! Since our fresh launch, you can connect to our free UK Chat Rooms using any device you like! Our modern software supports tablets, mobiles and laptops. You name it, and it will work - including iPhone and Android chat.

Why sign up to Chatterbox UK?

Registration gives many benefits. Members get access to the social media stream where you can see and react to profiles, pictures, and posts. Members get voiced status in the UK Chat rooms, and can take part in our regular free events with big prizes. Sign up

Why no under 18's?

Chatterbox UK is passionate about the protection of children online, and by their nature, free UK Chat Rooms can attract people who don't share that view, so we've decided to go adults only. This has the added benefit that you don't have to be quite so careful what you say!

UK Teen / Sex Chat Rooms?

Absolutely, 100% not. Although for UK Chatters aged 18+, we're a friendly, safe and clean website, and those types of chatrooms just attract the wrong crowd, and ruin things for others. Topics like sex are not banned at all, but we don't feel the need to create rooms for them. 

Webcam Chat Rooms?

As a responsible chat site, we are dedicated to protecting the online safety of our users, and sadly, while webcam chatting can be fun, it opens people up to too much risk of things like revenge porn / blackmail. To make our UK Chatters as safe as possible, we've decided not to install webcam chat rooms.