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Notice how nearly all the other UK chat websites are covered in annoying, sometimes inappropriate advert banners? You don't need to put up with that - we are ad free

Why Chatterbox UK ?

Welcome to the newly refreshed Chatterbox UK Official website! 

There used to be some brilliant online chat sites for the UK, for example, UK Chatters, and before that, the famous UK Chatterbox. Sadly, UKChatterbox ( has not been around for a long time, (apart from extremely poor imitation sites) and UKChatters was taken over a year or so ago, having been swallowed up by the owner of many international chat sites.  

This is what prompted us to set up this chat site. Our aim is to provide a friendly online UK chat room service to the people who used to enjoy the older sites, and to bring Internet Relay Chat back to life!

We Don't See Private Messages

Many other Online UK Chat, Dating and Networking sites monitor your private messages. The old UKChatters, UK Chatterbox, and the more recent ChatterboxUK are all prime examples. They stored your private chats as text files, along with your IP address, which can identify who you are, and the area in which you live. This is visible to all of their chat IRC operators, and means that your secret messaging, which you believe to be in private, actually is not.

We're different - not only we promise that we won't read your private messages, we go better - we don't have the ability to do so.

We have purposely not installed any spy modules on our servers. This means you can meet, connect, chat, flirt, and hang out with other like minded users online here without worrying that anyone other than you, and the person you talk to, can see your messages.

While we don't openly advertise sex chat, webcam girls and other seedy things, what two consenting people discuss in private, on Chatterbox UK, stays private.

Join Our Chat Rooms using any device!

Chat on mobile , iPhone or iPad , Android or any other smart phone or tablet! Unlike other sites with image and bandwidth hungry chatroom platforms, we use a simple and functional chat interface

Anonymously enter our free discussion rooms. You don't need to give us your email. Just click, to start web chat instantly! Share and exchange stories, Jokes, photos and videos with others, in the knowledge that we treat your online safety and privacy very seriously.

Notice other UK Chat Rooms don't comply with GDPR? We're different, and are 100% open with you about how we store your information, and what we do with it. We honour your right to be forgotten, and will provide any exactly what personal data we hold on you. This gives users the complete peace of mind that they will get by far the best online experience when using our chat rooms, boards, social media network or our forums. This means that whether you're here to just chat, date, flirt, webcam or just browse our singles profiles, you're in best hands.

We are proud to give you our Free UK Chat Rooms, where there is no registration required at all.

We are the number one Online Chat Site in the UK, and we extend a warm welcome to chatters from all over the globe. Whether you've just arrived, or if you've been around the online chat circles for a long time, we are really pleased to have you as part of our Online UK Chat Community.

Join our chat rooms and natter away. You don't need to make any accounts, or give us your email address. Our Free UK Chat rooms and forums are all overseen and moderated by our excellent volunteer team, so you will have a safe and friendly UK Chatroom experience.

We have been around for some time now, and we are constantly growing and improving. We promise to make your experience the best it can possibly be. We started out as a small site, to cater for the users who wanted somewhere to chat when UK Chatters was taken over. Now, we have thousands of users signed up for our UK Chat Rooms.

Our system is easy to use, you don't have to download any software and you can access our UK Chat Rooms through any modern browser, be that on a tablet, laptop, mobile phone, or Personal Computer. Just go to our UK Chat Rooms and start gassing away!

For the more advanced online chat users, we allow you to connect using mIRC! The details for our UK IRC Chat Server are:

Server -

Port - 6667

Channel - #main.

This UK Chat site is ran for the people on a not for profit basis. It will be whatever you make it!

Chat for free, right now! , Enter our live chat and chat with total strangers. Message and share photos! Direct messaging andso much more. Anonymous, without cost and needs no registration.

Why mess about with annoying sign up processes when you don’t have to? Instead, use the features of our Free UK Chat Rooms, amazing community, including mobile and tablet supported chat at the end of your mouse.

UK Chat Rooms Singles! Maybe you want to while away the time in our UK Chat Rooms without dealing with irritating sign up boxes, and re-captcha checks?

Are you looking for a fun way to stay connected to people around the world? If so, you’ll love it!

This is a FREE UK CHAT website on which you can get linked in with other people from all over the place, quickly and easily. Our UK Chat Rooms are fully mobile supported, which means you can use us on the train, bus, or in Starbucks! Just press the enter button and off you go.

Our bustling UK Chat Rooms give our users the best method to look for your contacts and take part in real time discussions using our website, you can quickly form relationships with single women, and men. Using our functionality, you can leave the main discussion groups at a time of your choosing and convenience, and go into one, two, or more private conversations. Unlike other UK Chat sites, we don't have the capability to monitor your PMs, you you really are chatting in complete confidence.

We use what is called Internet Relay chat. It is the oldest chat platform in the world, but still provides such a good user experience. We have users from all sorts of towns, cities, counties and regions, and provide you with the best, most advanced chat features. We don't have webcams, or sex chat rooms, and do not in the slightest bit promote UK Teen Chat, but what you talk about in private is up to you.

Some of the things we give you

No Sign up
You don't have to register to use our free UK Chat Rooms

Share your photos
We are not just a chat room website! We have a fully functioning social media, which works in very much the same way as larger, mainstream sites! You can upload photos and videos, and comment and like each others posts!

It doesn't stop there! You can run Polls, Votes.

As well as the UK Chat Rooms, we have a thriving forum, where people can initiate and take part in conversations on a completely diverse range of topics!

Mobile Chat Rooms
Soon we'll even have an app! Until then, you can use our UK Chat Rooms with full compatibility, on any tablet, iphone, android device, etc.

UK Guest Chat Rooms mean you can all start chatting with total strangers without any need to sign up or go through a registration. Put simply: you don't have to register. Our chatrooms rooms mainly focus on users from the UK, but are used by people all over the world. If you're from the UK and want to chat to someone new, you've definitely hit the spot. our UK Chat Rooms are an ideal place to meet strangers in a local area to you.

You can also share your knowledge and opinions about anything you like. You could learn about the world, and it's different cultures. You can talk about the things that you enjoy the most, and link up with like minded folks who get a kick out of the same things you do. The UK has a vast range of Towns, and Cities, so there will be someone for everyone! What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity by the horns, come inside, look around, and make new friends online! We are the number one, popular place to be.

Are you from somewhere else, but are interested in the UK? Maybe you've thought about taking a holiday here, or even taking the plunge and living in good old England? Do you want to learn more about the places you'd like to experience and visit? If you're interested in the United Kingdom, why not join one of our Free UK Chat Rooms and ask other people all about it? Chatting at random with strangers, and the people you meet online, can let you open up about how you feel, much more easily than with someone who is known to you. It's a real chance to make your mark, and show other people in our UK Chat Rooms what you're all about!

This is your opportunity to meet someone who you have never met before. Be prepared, you're likely to make lots of new friends when you're chatting online in our UK Chat Rooms, and you'll soon become part of the furniture. Our UK Chatrooms are the best way to talk in front of people you don't know, get things off your chest, or maybe find an answer to that question which is bugging you, but you can't ask anyone you know?

UK Chatterbox is a great place to hook up with people totally at random whilst staying anonymous if you want to. You can enter our rooms by one press of your mouse and once you're in our chatrooms you can chat to people from not only the UK but also all over the world! Everything we offer is totally free, and always will be. There are no costs at all for chatting online here. You won't see any ads, or annoying pop-ups. One of the basic but yet really cool features of our chat is private messaging. Unlike other UK Chat sites, we don't read your private messages - we don't even have the ability to be able to do this. So share your darkest secrets when you find friends online. You can share and send your videos, photos, and memes, all free of charge.

We offer, Adult Chatrooms, Dating Chatrooms, Teen Chatrooms (18+ only), Kids Chatrooms (for parents to talk about their kids, not for kids to use), singles chatrooms, gay and lesbian UK chat rooms, girls chatrooms, and of course boys chatrooms.

We have live online chatting, video chatting, voice chatting, and for the singletons out there, dating chatting. For the people with specific interests, we have music chatting, sports chatting, and regional chatting. We don't currently offer UK Webcam Chat or any other sort of "camming". This is because we pride ourself on being the most clean UK Chat facility out there, and don't want to attract the wrong sort of customers.

Our free and easy chatting website gives you instant access to random UK Chat Rooms to meet up with men or women online. You could be from any one of the UK Counties - just click on any one of the below links to enter our county UK chatroooms:

Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cleveland, Cornwall, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Durham, East Sussex, Essex, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Greater Manchester. Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Somerset, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Tyne and Wear, Warwickshire, West Berkshire / Reading, West Midlands / Birmingham, West Sussex, West Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire

Chatting online to strange people in the UK is a super way to let the time go by without needing to even make a login name or sign in. Yes, you are right, you don't have to give us your personal details at all to use our free London Chatrooms, or any of our UK Chatrooms. All you have to do, to being the chatting experience, is just click the button to enter the UK Chatrooms, and you'll straight away be in our customised chatting software which will deliver you the finest most enjoyable user experience.

The personal online social network which we present exclusively to you, is everything you need to have meaningful and successful conversations with other people. We make it really easy for you to make friends online in our UK Chatrooms. Our social media stream means you can, at the click of a mouse, show people your pictures and videos - all anonymously. Come and join our network and start making friends online from today onwards!

What makes UK Chatterbox, UK Chatters, and Chatterbox UK so unique? Find and speak to new friends. Send videos, smilies, emojis into our UK Chatrooms. A fast, stable UK Chatrooms experience. An easy on the eye, intuiative user experience. 100% FREE Sign up which gives you loads of extra benefits on top of our great UK Chatrooms. Totally anonymous - your IP address is never displayed or given to others, and our IRC software masks it. You can talk as a group, or have private romantic liaisons.

What can you get up to in our Free UK Chat Rooms?

You can find out what's happening across the world, meet new friends for life, get over your phobias, become less shy, feel empowered to share your stories and experiences with others. You can ask other people for their thoughts, if you're seeking help for something you may not be able to speak to your loved ones about. You might even find your soulmate, find love, and spark up a hot relationship in our free UK Chatrooms. Overall, you can just enjoy the experience, and socialise!

We totally get that time is money, and your time is valuable. This is one of the reasons we have decided to do away with the need for users to register before they enter our free UK Chat rooms. A click of your mouse is all it takes to start chatting with strangers - there is no requirement for you to do anything else at all. You don't need to provide any identification to use our UK Chat Rooms, but, if you get up to anything illegal, we will co-operate with the law enforcement authorities in passing on any details such as your IP address. We are not just "among" the free UK Chat websites, we are THE BEST UK CHAT site going. Before this landmark website was made, by a hero and a genius called James, who just happens to be rather well endowed, UK Chat rooms were not made nearly as easy to find.

The one thing people really look for in modern chat websites is not just to communicate via the text, but to use more modern methods like video and webcams. With our UK Chat rooms, users can enjoy all of these features once they meet up. Although we don't have cam software on our site, once you have met your perfect partner online, you can then exchange details like skype and facetime, and off you go! We don't have any moderation around this, or any control measures, and what you get up to away from our UK Chat themed website is entirely down to you.

As well as our vast range of free UK Chatrooms, you can also make your OWN chatrooms on our service! Yes, thats right - you can be the boss! Just contact our friendly team if you want one of these and we will oblige as quickly as we can. You can call your UK Chatroom whatever you want to call it, and then get chatting online from people all over the place. Unlike other sites, we don't make you do this for yourself - we do all the hard work for you. We will make you the administrator for your own dedicated channel, and then you are in the drivers seat! This gives you the ability to fully manage and control your UK Chatroom. To make things easy, we don't let people have as many chatrooms as they like - in the interests of being reasonable, but, if you have reason for more than one UK Chatrooms, talk to us and we'll do our best to give you exactly what you need.

A lot of chat sites have problems with browser compatibility. Some of them don't display properly, or don't let you see the list of users in the UK Chat rooms. Ours is totally different. Our bespokely customised IRC client, very kindly provided by kiwiirc, works with literally anything - iOS, Android, phone, tablet, you name it, it just works, even on some older browsers. Our website and UK Chatrooms are totally responsive and work with literally anything. Try us! We are thinking about making an app very soon, but in reality you don't need this because of our great browser compatibility, which lets you meet strangers and friends without any drama.

Because we are a UK site, we naturally bang on a lot about our UK Chatrooms. Makes sense, right? You can also, though, use our UK Chatting website to connect with people from countries all over the world! Just imagine how much you can broaden your horizons!

It's easy to forget how far technology has advanced. Remember before we had smartphones, and texting was such a pain? Well now it's transformed, you can share your pictures and videos and use multimedia on our site without any need to even sign up or tell us who you are. Our services are 100% Free to everyone who visits us. What are you waiting for, get chatting now show us what you've got, make this site a great place to be, and make memories.

When we made this website to facilitate a great UK Chat Room experience, we made a pledge that it would be free, and always be free. We operate on a not for profit basis and for maximum fun. So, you don't have to put your hand in your pocket at all, just use our complimentary service for free, with our pleasure. You can meet women and men from all over and from all walks of life, even just with our free guest account. If you're here looking for teens, boys, girls, or anything seedy such as fetish or sex chat, you'd be better placed to use a UK Naughty Chat website.

As well as the publically available UK Chatrooms, as part of our inclusive service, you can use private UK Messaging and private UK Chatrooms to build upon your networks and relationships with the strangers you have met along the way. All that we ask is that you stay respectful to other users.

Chatterbox UK are proud to launch their latest website - The Aylesbury Grapevine!